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Have you had your car repaired at a Progressive Repair Center? How did they do?

I got hit by someone with progressive auto insurance. They took liability and Progressive is going to pay for all of my repair. They are going to have me go to their Progressive Service center, specifically the one in Portland Oregon. I want to make sure they are going to do a good job.

Has anyone gotten their car repaired at one of their service centers, or even the one in Portland? Did they do a good job or would I be better off finding my own place to take my car?

I would get a lifetime guarantee on the repair from Progressive. Has anyone ever had problems with this guarantee?

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4 Responses to “Have you had your car repaired at a Progressive Repair Center? How did they do?”

  1. An Oregon Nut said :

    I haven’t had personal experience with them, but found that at one of my local repair facilities (extremely highly rated) won’t do insurance repairs for Progessive clients because Progressive won’t allow them to do the repairs to their satisfaction and standards. The business is Ken Ware Chevrolet in Coos Bay, Oregon. I know the office staff would be more than willing to tell you what their experience is with Progressive and why their company will do repairs for every other insurance carrier but Progressive.

    My gut tells me that if they skimp on repairs from other agencies, they will do the same at their own facility. I think they are betting that you will sell the car before the problems surface. And if the repair facility isn’t close to you, think how inconvient it will be to keep taking the car back repeatedly.

    FYI – other repair facilities also offer the lifetime repair certification – Ken Ware certified mine – and I don’t own a car brand they sell either.

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