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What kind of car should a college guy like me upgrade to?

Am thinking of upgrading from a 04 nissan sentra to Lexus IS 350, because of its luxury and hp. Does anyone know of mid luxuries cars? a car that cost around 40k, with all the good luxury features that the lexus IS 350 has or better, with parkin assistant, with 300hp or more, with navigation system, all wheeled drive, sun roofed, with a great braking system, with great safety features, with lots of room in the interior n trunk ( i mean leg room, just like d rav4(2007) Can someone tell me what a transmission is? wat does people mean by 6speed trans
basically am asking 4 suggestion of luxury cars with all these great features or more and cost around 40k.

ps. i need at least 5 different type of cars that i can choose from. it must be a manly car not girly. also a car that will not cost me g’s to repair. one more thing it has to have a great mileage.

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6 Responses to “What kind of car should a college guy like me upgrade to?”

  1. Lo_dogg said:

    Infiniti G35?

  2. REDFOX98 said:

    transmission – automatic or stickshift.. since ur talking luxury cars.. they come automatic. 40k man ur rich… get an escalade and some 22 inch rims with it. but yeah lexus is the way to go.. coz benz would be too expensive..

  3. 2jzgte1996 said:

    Test drive a loaded Camry, as it meets each of your requierements, except it costs way less than 40K. And since you also want lower maintenance cost, this is the car for you. A Lexus or any other 40K car will be costlier to repair. The saying goes “if you wanna play, you gotta pay.

  4. Julie said:

    I would look at the Infiniti line, Lexus line, and the Nissan line. I like th Maxima’s. Toyota’s are great as they run forever…The camry’s are roomy…if you want a car with low miles and are willing to pay 40K for, don’t buy used. Get a new one…that way you will have a great warranty and it will cost less to repair. a transmission is what makes your car change gears. a five speed tranny is one that you have 5 gears which you change when shifting gears. I take it you probably don’t know how to drive a stick shift b/c it’s impossible to not understnad the concept of a transmission if you drive a stick. if you are in college, why not invest in a cheaper car and put more $ towards your education.

  5. Gator 87 said:

    Who the fuck needs “luxury and horsepower” in college??!!! All that matters is if it is dependable, has a roomy back seat, and DARK tinted windows (anyone who has had a 2-3 person dorm knows what I mean). Get something cheaper (i.e. Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. Not their luxury lines). Not only will you have more money to spare on important things, but you also won’t wake up to find your fancy tires slashed, cd + navigation system stolen, and paint job keyed. If not, be prepared to shell out some $$$$ if you leave it parked in the wrong lot…besides, there are alot of young female drivers on campus…who sure don’t know how to park (or drive).
    Oh wait, I just realized that you are ALREADY in college and are still concerned with “parking assistance” : moron. One more thing, you want 300+ hp…AND great mileage??!!! Well I want a fucking unicorn with a tail made of fire!! (i.e. not going to happen). I actually get more pissed everytime I read this post.

  6. michael v said:

    SO, let me understand this . You’re in college and worried about an luxury car???? Where in the world are your priorities???? Graduate,get a job , then buy that dream car. As for cheap transportation and good gas mileage any 4 cylinder civic , corolla ,cavalier will do!!!! If youre a sample of whats in college …God help us!!!!!


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