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What type of motorcycle can you have when you have an m1 license in canada?

I’m turning 16 soon, and I will for sure pass the m1 test. Now what motorcycle can I buy?

Could I buy a 125 cc Motorcycle or even a 250 cc?

Or do I have to use some shitty moped?

Or do I get the 250 cc Motorcycle when I get the m2?

Tell me what you know.

I couldn’t find good sources on the internet.
I live in Toronto.

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4 Responses to “What type of motorcycle can you have when you have an m1 license in canada?”

  1. Bandit-05 said :

    Drivers licences are provincial jurisdictions, not federal.

    Having said that, none of the provinces have displacement restrictions as far as I’m aware. You could, theoretically, ride a Boss Hoss on a M1 licence. It wouldn’t be a good idea but it would not be illegal.

  2. Gabriel said :

    with an m1 you should buy a scooter or a small motorcycle 1255/250cc with the m2 you can buy a hayabusa. it’s for big bikes

  3. Dangermanmi6 said :

    My daughter when through this a couple of years ago, there is no restriction on size of bike you can have with your M1 in Ontario. Although there should be. If you have the money and can get the insurance you can have a Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R) one of the fastest production bikes ever made, just sign your donor card and make funeral arrangements first.

    Your best bet is to start out with something in the 125 to 250 range street legal and fast enough to get you into trouble but not too fast. Also in this range you can take it on the highways you will be really flogging a 125 to do 110 Kph but it will do it.

  4. Danny Belgarde said :

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