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What type of motorcycle is good for a total beginner?

If I wanted to get a motorcycle, and I had never even ridden one before, which type should I get?
Also, do I have to consider size? Do you need larger bikes for taller people?
I’m not really into those japanese bikes, either.

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16 Responses to “What type of motorcycle is good for a total beginner?”

  1. Tom W said :

    nsr 125….. cbr 125…. (both honda) or a honda cg 125

  2. dreynolds699 said :

    that depends on your age I would say if you are younger then 16 go with a 80cc or a 100cc ,16 to 19 anything between a 125 and a 250cc, 19 and up a 250cc to a 600cc. I hope this helps you out on what you might want to start off with.

  3. Mark B said :

    If you have never ridden before go with an old Honda, Yamaha, or something like that with a smaller engine. If you like sport bikes try a used Buell. Buells drop their value rather quickly so you can pick a used one up in good condition cheap. Nothing fancy or expensive because you are far more likely to drop it than you are to keep it in the same condition as when you get it. What ever your dream bike is wait till you have some experience.

  4. bgarrick87 said :

    Yamaha V-Star 650. Excellent bike and very forgiving.

  5. Son of Troll said :

    a little 130 dirt bike and tool around in the woods riding trails ….. then when you are used to it an 883 Sportster …….

  6. Daniel A said :

    My first bike was a Suzuki S40 which is a 650cc cruiser. From what I have heard and experienced 500cc to 750cc is the best range for a beginner. They are lighter so they are much easier to handle at slow speeds and no speeds, they don’t get dropped as much. Yet that engine range has enough power to keep up with traffic on a highway and still enough left to get out the way of a cell phone talking, make up applying SUV driving woman that is about to run you over :). The 250cc range like the Honda Rebel is really to small of a bike and you will find your self outgrowing it very quickly. and the 1,000cc “hogs” are really to heavy and have to much power for someone just starting out.
    Most manufacturers have a bike this size. For a begginer I would advise staying with Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki. The Harley’s look and sound good but maintenance is dificult and the ride is harder so it will tire you out much faster. So if you stay in that engine size and manufacturer range you really can’t go wrong.
    Happy hunting!

  7. forktail_devil said :

    definately not a 600cc or higher. it will kill u before 2 weeks of the season is over. u need a forgiving bike. i suggest a cruiser for the lowest insurance cost. sport bikes are like camaro’s…..extremely high insurance, and its because of all the squids that cant ride that keep killing themselves on them.

    u need the lightweight cruisers. something alone the lines of a sportster…but i didnt say to get a sportster per sae; just a bike similar. if u insist on a sport bike, no higher than a ninja-500, and even that is pushing it for a rookie. unless u are suicidal, stay away from any sport bike 600 cc and up. it is too much bike, and regardless of what these squids on here say, the most lethal time period for ANY new rider is the first 6 months of saddle time, and its a statistic that gets proven right every season. do u really want this bike to be ur last?

    what u dont know will kill u. i suggest to take the msf or riders edge course. there is alot more to it than just saddling up and hittin the road. there is no such thing as a fender bender on a bike. the car will win all engagements…u will just get the body bag.

  8. bluff mike said :

    250cc cruisers, like the Honda Rebel or Yamaha Virago, are the easiest to learn on. which is way they are used in MSF classes.

  9. Steven S said :

    The best bike for a total beginner is the one they let you use for the weekend in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation BRC course. It’s like the longest test ride you’ll ever get. After completing the course you will have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for in a motorcycle as far as fit, comfort and purpose (type of riding you want to do). Find a course near you at 1(800) 446-9227

  10. emucompboy said :

    Used Honda Rebel 250.
    Ride it around for six months or so. Then sell it and buy something bigger.

  11. Squirrel said :

    No. But I say a Yamaha because a japanese bike is about all you can get.

  12. Old Guy said :

    Check out the British made Triumph Bonneville America. Great looking, fairly light, quick and responsive, and a great sound.

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