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What is auto salvage ?

Auto salvage is the process of removing automotive parts on damaged cars and reusing them on other operable cars. Once the usable parts are gathered, the rest of the vehicle is disposed safely. This practice is performed by ‘auto recyclers’ or ‘auto salvage yards’, which not only promote environmental conservation through recycling, but also prevent wasting usable vehicle parts while earning money.

Since the automobile industry remains the most earning business in the world, it is also ranks top in generating waste. Unfortunately, there isn’t much the government and the automobile industry can do about the waste as it causes landfills. To solve or alleviate the problem, auto salvage companies reuse up to 75% of the old car’s parts.

Auto salvaging is done starting with pre-treatment, which involves disassembling the vehicle, draining fluids (such as fuel, oil and coolant) to prevent leaking and removing tires, battery and gas tank. The fluids and batteries are either sold, reused in other vehicles or transferred to a recycling compound. After draining the gas tanks, it could can be made as scrap metal. Among the many salvaged parts, tires are very versatile; they can be used as ground rubber, re-treaded or burned to produce energy.

Once all usable parts are removed, the auto salvage company would now evaluate if the remaining parts could be repaired or sold based on the condition of each part. If the entire car is evaluated and considered repairable, it can be sold as a whole. After all usable parts are removed, the auto recyclers contact a crusher that would flatten the vehicle’s frame. Non-metallic parts are placed in a landfill, while metallic parts can be reused.

Since many auto salvage yards today keep an electronic database of their car parts and vehicles, many people find it cheaper to visit a yard and check for parts to use on their vehicles. Some of the most sought out parts include bumpers, transmissions, motors and rear ends. Owners of rare or vintage cars can also benefit from buying in yards as most of them keep hard-to-find replacement parts.

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