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Pulling a car long distance will hurt transmission?

I’ll be pulling a car 200 miles and heard it may affect the automatic transmission.
I am thinking about starting the vehicle, put it in neutral and let it run the whole way and really don’t know if this would even help and then I am afraid it may run hot with limited air flow through the radiator compartment.
Any suggestions besides pulling the drive shaft or putting it on a car hauler
To : wrench161
You can pull a car forever if it is a “standard” transmission.

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4 Responses to “Pulling a car long distance will hurt transmission?”

  1. justme said :

    that`s dangerous for the traffic and in some countries is illegal/prohibited……….if i were you,i`d rather call the insurance company to send a tow truck,that`s included on what you pay for the vehicle`s insurance………………….;)

  2. jayt said :

    The only choices you have is pull the drive shaft or put it on a car hauler. either choice you make will stop the trans from getting damaged. The car hauler may even be the better choice to keep any and all wear off the car being towed.

  3. wrench161 said :

    You need to check with the vehicle manufacturer. i know people who tow cars thousands of miles behind RV’s with no problems,but only certain cars. the manufacturer will tell you how far/fast it can be safely towed.
    Be safe, this distance will require a tow bar.

  4. Tracey Landt said :

    This site looks exactly like my old one!


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