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What is auto-detailing ?

Many commuters spend a lot of time in their cars and see it as an extension of their own home. Waxing and washing a car is needed to keep it looking its best, but auto-detailing can restore a car to its original condition.

Auto detailing is very much different from waxing and washing. Washing and waxing is only for the exterior of the car, while auto detailing goes far beyond that and concentrates on the interior of the car. Auto detailing takes time to restore the vehicle as close as its original condition. This includes thorough vacuuming, upholstery and seat removal for a more extensive cleaning.

Exterior auto detailing also involves complete cleaning of the rims and wheels, followed by tire sidewall treatment and polishing of the rims. Then, wax residue is taken off from the chrome plates and the window is treated with rain repellant. Finally, the engine is cleansed by steam or a degreaser, then the undersides of the rails and hood are swept clean.

Since auto detailing takes plenty of time to finish, it can be somehow expensive. However, it is the best way to keep your car looking the way you first bought it. Auto detailing services can be found in yellow pages. Do not forget to ask about the coverage of the expenses and remember that the nicks on the paint are an extra charge.

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