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What car brands are the worst with transmissions?

I want to get a car from an auto auction, but want to avoid getting a car with transmission problems as much as possible. I know there is nothing I can do to try to detect transmission problems besides drive it(right???). Since I can’t test drive the car, maybe I can at least avoid some brands that are well known for having transmission issues.

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5 Responses to “What car brands are the worst with transmissions?”

  1. Tyler said :

    chrysler and chevrolet

  2. REV B said :

    Early 2000 model Kias, VW’s and Hyundai’s.

  3. joemong said :

    VW automatic,dodge trucks,your best bet is to check the trany fluid condition ,should be bright red not dark brown. good luck.

  4. eddie b said :

    Well, my advice would be stay away from the auction altogether. But if you must go, I would recommend getting the newest car possible and choose foreign over domestic. So avoid chevy dodge chrysler etc. Go for honda toyota nissan. They give you the least trans troubles. Good Luck : )

  5. Mike said :

    As stated it should be a nice red color, Brown or a burnt smell will indacate it might have problems. Buy any bottle of trans fluid and smell it and look at the color. It should smell and look pretty close what the trans has in it.


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