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What is an armoured car ?

An armored car is a vehicle reinforced with composite materials or metal plates to resist attack. They have other security features as well, ranging from tires running with flat tires or to be negatively pressurized in the incident of gas attack. Few car manufacturers produce armored cars in their lineup, but the features of an armored car can be made for regular vehicles.

There are numerous uses for armored cars; they are the car of choice for high-profile people, head of states and diplomats who may be at risk. Armored vehicles are standard vehicles in war zones to protect visiting state official and military personnel, allowing for a safety travel.

Armored cars usually have powerful engine to compensate with the weight of the materials that reinforced the vehicle. A non-armored car is lighter than an armored car of the same size. Armored cars that are built as stock vehicles are reinforced with remote keys, tinted windows, alarms and heavily insulated fuel tank to prevent explosion, and other safety features to make them almost resistant to all attacks.

Many manufacturers give armoring services with retrofitting a vehicle to be an armored car. Armored plates are inserted under the vehicle’s skin so it will not be visible to the naked eye, the windows are replaced with bulletproof glass, and if requested, other security features can be installed as well.

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