What is a running board ?

A running board is a part of a car, which is located below the door and on the side of the vehicle. This looks like a narrow step on the door, making it both practical and fashionable. Running boards are usually made of fiberglass or chrome and can be seen mostly in SUVs, trucks and vintage cars to provide an easier way for entrance and exit.

‘Truck steps’ or ‘footboard’ are the other names for a running board. Running boards can be classified as a part or accessory; it is not a feature because running boards practically serve no purpose in the car. As such, running boards are usually seen in customized vehicles to add personality to the car.

At first, old model cars have running boards on both sides of their vehicles. Vintage cars have higher seats off the ground and running boards are used for sure footing on their entrance and exit. When hotrods start to hit the road, running boards are removed and replaced with fenders.

Even when car customization became popular in the 50s, it has been popular for modern customized cars to have a running board. Trucks are mostly seen with chrome running boards, but in cars with paint jobs, running boards are often made from fiberglass with matching paint. Running boards can be purchased through retailers and body shops.

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