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How can I clean my car’s hard to reach parts ?

If you have a vintage or classic car with hard-to-find replacement parts, you can extend its life and cherish it more by cleaning even the most hidden and hard-to-reach parts. It is very simple to refurbish your car’s parts without even having metal damaged due to using any harmful chemicals. Of course, you can avoid rusting by preparing ahead of time; one tip is to paint the part with ceramic paint before you install it in your car. This way, you can ensure a longer lasting car part free of rust.

To clean your hard-to-reach rusted car parts, prepare a large bucket of water, baking soda, car battery charger and a metal dail rod. Remember to do the task outside your house and away from grass, the baking soda may contaminate your garden. Be cautious while rusting your car for you are dealing with electricity and water.

Detach the part that you want to clean and place it in the bucket filled with water. Add two tablespoon of baking soda for every quart of water in the bucket for better result. Stir your water and baking soda solution until the baking soda dissolves completely. Place the dail rod in the bucket, make sure to keep the rod from touching the part for you might get electrocuted. Before you plug the charger, position the positive alligator clip on the submerged car part and the negative clip on the rod out side of the bucket. Check and double-check your attachments to ensure your safety.

After ten to fifteen minutes, your will notice bubbles around the car part and will eventually make the crud float and sink in the water. Unplug the battery charger and take the alligator clips off the car part and rod once finished. Take the car part out of the water and you will see the rust and other unwanted build-ups parts from your old car part. This is the best way clean even the inside of your rusty car part without the metal damaged. Make sure to paint it with ceramic paint after you dry it and before you install in back in your car.

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