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Car Dealerships: Are they obligated to give you a rental car if your part is on backorder?

I sent in my car to the local nissan dealership to have a mass air flow sensor replaced (and some other repairs totalling $800). They told me it would take two days. It turns out they have to order the part from Japan and it will take up to 2 weeks. Are they obligated to give me a rental if I ask for it?

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8 Responses to “Car Dealerships: Are they obligated to give you a rental car if your part is on backorder?”

  1. H. Spencer said :


  2. nj2pa2nc said :

    no but alot of dealers will-even if they use a rental car company- just ask and find out

  3. kevin m said :

    No they are not, however, many dealers do this as a courtesy to thier customers.

  4. tone said :

    No they are not obligated to give you a rental. It is your responsibility to obtain your own transportation.

  5. forthefun_333 said :

    Only if the car is under warranty. Any warranty will pay for the rental. The dealership has no obligations to give you a rental car.

  6. Rashad said :

    i was in the same boat i had a chevy tho. but asked them because if its a new car than they would have 2 give u sumthin 2 drive and get around! but if its a used car i really dont kno but u should if it has a warranty on it.

  7. Hunter3333 said :

    No, you could talk to the service mngr and ask for one. He will prolly say no, but its worth asking. Then ask to speak with the GM and tell him you were promised it would only take 2 days. He will more than likely work something out with you. Work the system!!!

  8. Scott H said :

    No. But you are free to go rent yourself a car. They are not responsible for your inconvenience.


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