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What is the best car to get if I want to drive across the country?

My cousin and I want to move to California together in a few years for college. We live in New York and want to share a car. So we want to drive from here to there.

What car do you suggest to get us there with less chance of our car breaking down. And we arn’t talking RV’s! Thanks!

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5 Responses to “What is the best car to get if I want to drive across the country?”

  1. jason said :

    Honda or Toyota.

  2. Rob S said :

    An american car for sure

  3. Hari said :

    go for benz…..

  4. Kadaver said :

    Get a nice Buick LeSabre or Park Avenue (or Oldsmobile or Pontiac equivalent). They are cheap, reliable, and excellent for long trips as they are so comfortable.

  5. das.frettchen said :

    ’87-’91 Honda CRX! 45+ mpg.. You would only have to stop for gas like.. twice!

  6. Berewok said :

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