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How do I drive a new car home if I can’t get insurance on it for another 2 weeks?

My insurance company said they need the car title before they can give me insurance on the car. This doesn’t make any sense, the dealer say they cannot hold on to the car once it’s bought because it’s not their responsbility anymore. But I need to buy the car to get the title and the title won’t be processed for 1-2 weeks. So once I buy the car I need to take it home but that means driving without insurance, what’s going on here is it okay?

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9 Responses to “How do I drive a new car home if I can’t get insurance on it for another 2 weeks?”

  1. bomac said :

    The dealer can issue you a temporary tag.You can also go to the dmv and get a ten day temporary tag.

  2. pickmefirstplz said :

    in CT you cant buy a car without insurance

  3. David L said :

    Catch 22. You need to get a different insurance agent. If you are in a real bind to get the car home, hire a towing company to deliver it or demand the dealer to deliver it to your home.

  4. Excuse me said :

    the dealer has to register car and in order to register they have to have insurance beforehand so when you bought car dealer should have asked you for an insurance card which you could get from insurance company

    dealer should have taken care of all of that for you…..

  5. IFARTED said :

    Get someone to tow it to your home

  6. mariewaseem said :

    Bomac is correct for the state of CA

  7. Bandit said :

    Dealers generally carry insurance on the car with the temporary registration. At least every new car I have purchased was done this way (about 25 new cars). My insurance company also covered me when the sales contract was faxed to them. Believe me, if the dealer wants to make the sale, they will figure out a way to work this out. LOL

    If the dealer does not take care of this, don’t buy the car from them. Heck, tell them you will buy the car on-line and have it shipped to you. LOL

  8. TP said :

    Then just drive it home for that “one” time without the insurance. Unless you’re a bad enough driver to be at high risk of a car accident in that duration. Just be “extra” careful for that duration you’re driving it home.

  9. arus.geo said :

    Your insurance company is bad then or run by morons.

    I suggest you look for a new insurance company as MOST reputable ones will grant temporary insurance coverage by just providing them with the VIN number. (I’ve never had to show them title, only registration).

    The dealership will give you temporary registration of your car until the DMV sends you your real ones through the mail or ask that you come down to t heir office to pick it up.

    Again, your insurance company is BAd or run by morons. Suggest that you look into other insurance carries (State Farm, Progressive, Geico, Esurance – the latter will let you buy one line and print insurance cards right at the dealership)


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