How Can I jump start my car from an automatic transmission?

My car is a manual and the car needs to be jump-started, can I do this from an automatic car?

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11 Responses to “How Can I jump start my car from an automatic transmission?”

  1. sansa said:

    yes. all you have to do is hook up the battery to the other car and start both engines

  2. Green_Gitto said:

    Yes, jump-starting is independent of what type of transmission you have. At first I thought you were talking about “push-starting”, which can only be done with manual transmissions.

  3. love_2b_curious said:

    You use jumper cables like you would for any vehicle!
    Now, if you mean to push-start it, a manual trans car needs only to be pushed at about 3 miles per hour – then pop the clutch; for an automatic trans car, you need to be pushed at about 30 to 35 m.p.h.!

  4. juan.hunglo said:

    You really should invest in a defribulator because a car in the condition of yours will soon need more than a person of your means can attend to. Sadly it too will soon die and life will never be the same for you or the bus system.

  5. yourboytee said:

    absolutely…the automatic vehicle is just acting as a slave battery…the tranny makes no difference and will not cause any damage to either vehicle assuming that jumper cables are hooked up properly.

  6. Curious said:

    Transmission type doesn’t matter, but follow these directions closely.

    Make sure vehicles aren’t touching.
    Connect positive cables.
    Connect 1 ground cable to the battery or engine of the running vehicle.
    Make the last connection AWAY from the batteryon the dis-abled car, preferably on the engine block somewhere.
    Batteries generate HYDROGEN gas which is highly explosive (Hindenburgh ring a bell!) This last connection will generate a spark and if gas has collected it can cause an explosion.

    Dis-connect in reverse order

  7. CHRISTOPHER D said:

    if you mean jump starting using jump leads from the battery, then yes you can. however if you mean jump start by pushing that is also achievable.

  8. Roundthread said:

    Jump start means battery to battery, nothing else. Connect positive terminal from one car to positive terminal of the other,
    and the same with the negative terminal. Then start car with flat battery, simple. Contrary to popular belief DO NOT attempt to tow start an automatic.

  9. The mechanic said:

    Yes you can jump start with jump leads it makes no differance what gears the cars have, dont forget the auto must be out of gear if you wish to tow start it, you cannot tow a auto car to start it . one you could damage the auto box two it will not engage gear , you can tow a manual car with an auto

  10. charlotterobo said:

    Yes just make sure the automatic car is in ” park ” or neutral with the handbrake on . connect the lead`s then your away !
    Check the water fluid level in your car battery as this cold weather tend`s to finish off older battery`s if they are not checked . there is an item on the market called ” bat aid ” it is a couple of little tablet`s that you put into each cell top up with distilled water ( boiled water that has gone cold ) then it revives the old cell`s in your battery .might save you having to fork out for a new one .
    Also you might want to get your alternator / fan belt checked out in case it is`nt charging your battery properly .

  11. D G said:



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