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How do drive through car washes work?

I want to take my car through one of those drive through car washes. I’ve never done it before but can’t be bothered getting the bucket out and doing it myself. Are they easy enough to use, and do they do a good job?

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4 Responses to “How do drive through car washes work?”

  1. yipyap said:

    Just drive up and enter your coin/token, take your handbrake off and sit back and relax.

  2. Maddened (: said:

    yea they do work if u go to a decent one, some ask for a token or some just to pop in money liek u would at one of those big multi story car parks but yea they seem decent enough

  3. The Big Cheese said:

    I had the same predicament not long ago – I went up to get a drive thru. The BP ones you have to go into the shop and buy the wash, the cashier will give you a code and you type it in, the just drive onto the panels, take off your aerial from the car as well before you drive in, and then once you’re in jst wind your windows up and sit and do nothing. It’s easy. The just drive out when its done. It’ll let you know when its finished.

  4. Vicky S said:

    Soap water and brushes – easy! Make sure you windows are closed and take the radio aerial out.


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