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What can you do if someone deliberately blocks your car in your parking space?

Some one keeps blocking my car in when i am viisting my mum. I leave the car on an unmade public car park, there are always plenty of spaces. This has happened several times now by the same person. When i asked them politely not to block me in and park somewhere else, they got abusive and after i had left they went in to have a go at my mum and dad!

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22 Responses to “What can you do if someone deliberately blocks your car in your parking space?”

  1. Silverstang said :

    Sounds like its private property to me. Leave it well enough alone.

  2. Big B said :

    call the po-po

  3. 72OldsCutty said :

    Key the crap out of that car, but don’t do it when you visit your parents in your car or park in the “space” , just come on some other night, in some other car, or have it towed away, that will fix that bloody wanker !

  4. gary267602 said :

    i usually slash their tyres. or u can try a warning 1st of either a. paint stripper all over the car or b. a go faster stripe straight down the side of the car (with a 2″ brush & a can of dulux paint) they should get the message by then

  5. TellMeWhy? said :

    Take a hammer to it.

  6. Kacky said :

    Call a tow truck and have him removed. He’s obviously parked illegally.

  7. b. said :

    call a tow truck. that will teach em!

  8. Rolf W said :

    Reach under the car and disconnect the shift linkage! Or squirt some oilantifreeze on the ex pipes; meke it smell like ????

  9. Adam Beazley said :

    sounds like a good ars woopin is in order

  10. Bob G said :

    I don’t know about there but here we can call the police and have a ticket written or the car towed away and impounded.

  11. Vj said :

    Same car eh? Just follow them next time, and see where they park, then the next time you visit, just park in front of them. 🙂

  12. goodtimesgladly said :

    find out where he lives and key the bastards car , Really, call the cops , He won’t get to abusive with them

  13. mainwoolly said :

    stick a kipper up the exhaust pipe

  14. toon_tigger said :

    If it is private parking your mum and dad have a right to a car parking space after all they live there too

    If there need a permit get them to register one in your name

    If there are no permits the other driver is in the wrong …. once you get to your mam and dad’s phone the local council to see if there are any parking control officers nearer your area

  15. neil h said :

    u could buy a clamp and clamp that car, or brake fluid is a very good paint stripper

  16. John said :

    Its life. Some people are protective over ‘their’ parking space.
    If its private, then your out of luck, its your fault.

    Its more annoying on public roads. I laughed my arse off once when I got in my car, parked outside someone Else’s house and drove round the block and parked back in the same spot. I’d forgotten something. The owner of the house had in the mean time shot out to move his car in front of his house… He wasn’t pleased. LoL

    Anyway. Violence and Criminal damage is not warranted. The above comments are why society is the way it is today. Just park somewhere else and avoid the confrontation.

  17. Fizzle said :

    I agree with a few others, you really shouldn’t vandalize. Keep a record of what’s been happening (including the threats) and notify the police. Also, there’s an expanding hard insulating foam that comes in a can and I’m not the sort who would tell you to squirt it up the tailpipe. Just as much as I would tell you not to get as many friends together as you can (and maybe a floor jack on wheels) and put his car into the most impossible spot to get out of that could be imagined.

  18. tC said :

    get some friends together and kick his freakin arse, then push his car into the ocean…sorry just thinkin out loud

  19. lynnwitch said :

    If you cannot get your car out then you should call the police, what you describe is harassment. If you have had to pay for parking? then you are legally parked and the other driver is not allowed to block you in

  20. timberrattler818 said :

    well if it was me I would do a matter of things sense you and the other person got into it over the matter . take a can of sardines put them under his seat or splash it all over the manifold pipes of the car in a few days they will smell reallly really bad,take sugar and put in there gas tank,take the tag plates off there car and throw them away in the trash no one looks at there tag plates before they take off driving any more,disconect his wires on the dis…., take a BB gun and shoot down inside the vavle stem on the wheels that way they can not pump them back up,cut there tires,spray paint the car,put roof tack nails under the tires, clog there tail pipe up with rags by taking a broom stick and stuffing rags as far up the tail pipe as poss…,knock a hole in the radiator,the list could go on and on.

  21. Zletsgo said :

    Are you sure this parking space is public – sounds like this person uses this spot maybe as it’s unfinished they haven’t yet numbered them with the house numbers?

    If you key or vandalise their car they will know it is you and will more than likely seek revenge on your car or your parents.

    Check the facts prior to acting!

  22. Alex P said :

    Pop round there on night and, while wearing gloves, put a pick axe through the roof. They will get the message that somebody doesn’t like them very much!!!! The gloves will make sure you leave no evidence for the pigs, not that they’ll care much anyway if he’s an ignorant git!! And with it looking so insane they will be more careful about who they pick on afterwards. Nobody wants a fight with someone armed with a pick axe!!

    Oh and leave the pick axe in the car, gives a more intimidating appearance.


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