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What is the car insurance policy for driving someone else’s car?

I am a student living in Ohio and have my own separate car insurance on my car. I have a CA license.

If I visit my parents in California, can I legally drive their car if I am not on the insurance policy?

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9 Responses to “What is the car insurance policy for driving someone else’s car?”

  1. Teddy Broosevelt said :

    I believe that is what liability insurance is for.

  2. wirehawkboston said :

    Ask your agent to show you the language in your parents’ policy that says yes or no.

  3. Rocko Socko said :

    No you can’t.

  4. Annamae Condenzio said :


  5. haveaheart said :

    You can drive anyone’s car, with their permission. Therefore, if they give you permission, you will be covered!

  6. thesnipesbunch said :

    Yes, you can. The insurance follows the car not the driver. As long as someone has permission to drive your car, they are covered.

  7. Dave said :

    It depends.

    Your insurance may cover you driving someone else’s car, depending on your policy. If you have “full” coverage, you’re probably covered.

    Your parents’ insurance may cover you driving their car, depending on their policy.

    Check both.

    Try not to crash.

  8. Ivan said :

    Try this site

    Here you can compare quotes from different companies

  9. Buster Tait said :

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