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Car repair coverage that you pay for each month?

Ok. Ive been seeing commercials on tv lately about this thing that you can get for your car. Its like a card you can get that you pay for each month that covers any repairs. So instead of paying the price it would cost for all the repairs, your just paying one monthly price. Ive seen a few different companies for this.

Anyone know what these are called? If they are worth it or not? Bad reviews? Good reviews?

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2 Responses to “Car repair coverage that you pay for each month?”

  1. idontgivafork said :

    alls i know, is they use overpriced repairs and scare tactics to part you from your money.if you actually care for your car,id just keep a repair fund.any company that uses fear to get customers is a worthless product in my humble opinion.

  2. oklatom said :

    Yes, they are called after market extended warranty coverage, and for the most part they aren’t worth it because of all the exceptions and exclusions they put in.

    Use any search engine and type in “Extended warranty”, then pick one at random and read the terms of use.

    Generally, they pay for whatever breaks unless it’s a result of other than wear and tear, and doesn’t cover wear items like belts and brakes. It will cover your transmission unless they decide you raced your car at any point, and then it won’t, but if it does it covers some things, but not filters or fluid, etc. etc.


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