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Motorcycle Purchases: Can you negotiate the price on a new purchase at a dealer?

I am wondering if motorcycle dealerships work like car dealerships. I’ve never owned or bought a new motorcycle. I am thinking of getting one and my girlfriend may buy a scooter as well. So, I wonder if people usually negotiate the prices on these when they buy new. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “Motorcycle Purchases: Can you negotiate the price on a new purchase at a dealer?”

  1. velledriver said :

    Always negotiate, especially if your purchasing an expensive luxury item or two. Also recommend doing so in the last few days of the month

  2. Daniel C said :

    Of course, especially now with the depressed economy.

    Harley dealerships tend to be less inclined to negotiate the price but other than them yes, absolutely.

  3. Benjamin said :


    The tactic I always use is to rid yourself of all sales people when you get into the store (if they ask if they can help you as you walk in, tell them you are just browsing). Take your time, walk around, look at all the different bikes (even if you have one in particular you are interested in). After a couple of minutes, ask a sales person about the bike you are intereted in. Let them describe it, ask them for total cost (delivery, taxes ect). Ask them if it’s the best that they can do. If they don’t cut you a decent amount off the top of the price, don’t be afraid to walk out (plenty of dealers, and you can go back in a few days, getting another sales person can make a big difference).

    Once you’ve got them to drop down to a better price, ask for some add ons you might like (pair of gloves, a helmet, different seat or saddle bags). After settling on a price, they won’t want to loose you.

    Demand a better price if you are intending on buying a scooter at the same place, make them pay for your business. Remember, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, they all have bikes and scooters, shop at each, get prices, don’t be afraid to pit one against the other (“I like this Yamaha bike, but the Suzuki I’m looking at is $500 cheaper…”)

  4. chazz said :

    Yes, with the recession especially, less bikes are being sold, so dealers are having to put prices down, or go bust, but try and get it for less then they say they’ll drop it to, i’ll be suprised if they won’t let you have it for a lower price, when purchasing my rm 125 used, we got an extra £100 off and lots of parts/spares.

  5. miguel said :

    if u buy it at a store than sells other things,no.but if the store is dedicated to motorcycles/atvs/scooters than SOMETIMES theyll negotiat.try going to a place that doesnt sell that much.

  6. Polar Bear said :

    Well, yes,…. but now that the riding season is upon us, the November to February deal making is almost non existent. Caution: salespeople can spot a noob from a mile away. They will use all sorts of tactics if you take your gf with you. There are all kinds of fuzzy math problems and extra charges like delivery, cleaning, assembly, and service agreement commitments that mysteriously appear on sales contracts, and the extended warranty is only worth it if the bike is used.

    Take someone with you that is highly experienced in such matters,…. or get ready to bend over.

    I paid cash for my bike and didn’t even come close to MSRP. -got the ext. warranty thrown in, and some chrome..added for free.

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