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How long can a car repair shop legally keep a car?

I have a car that the clutch went out on and I droped it off at this car repair place over 5 weeks ago. Every time I call to see what is going on they say Oh they didnt call you it should be done tomorrow. On monday of this week my Boyfirend called over there to see what was going on, and the guy was liek oh they didnt call you I feel really bad but some older lady was all frazeled in the lot and backed into your car about a week ago. We are sending it out to be fixed it should be done by Wednsday of this week. Well Yesterday I stoped by to see if it was done yet and the guy was like oh we are sending it out tomorrow they didnt call you? It should be done by tomorrow afternoon. I went over to the car to look at it The hood was up, parts were out, the trunk was open, and there was a huge dent in the door, and straches on the opposite fender. Is this Legal? I took pictures of it all last night. What can I do?

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5 Responses to “How long can a car repair shop legally keep a car?”

  1. jerry h said :

    call the cops, or a lawyer, if its at there shop, its there responsibility. also call your insurance company, they would be able to tell you what to do.

  2. littleone said :

    Well, since the car was in their care when it was hit, they need to take care of it, you should pay anything. You should also report them to the Better Business Bearu because this seems a bit rediculus and way too long just to fix a clutch and obviously their customer service sucks. I understand that businesses get busy but come on, 5 weeks. If they are that far behind they need to hire someone else. Once you get your car back, don’t ever take it back there and tell everyone you know how bad that place is.

  3. Maya`s dad said :

    let them know that they have you at a great inconvenience and if you dont get your veh. back with a new clutch assy and the veh in the same condition you left it in you will have no choice but to report them to the better business bureau. This shop is obviously not professional since they seem to keep passing the blame. Also talk to the owner of the shop, not just the manager. Th e owner will care more about cust service than the manager.

  4. peter e said :

    It sounds like they are hoping to charge you for their “time”, which they don’t seem to have taken, personally in this situation, i would not only bring in the official inspectors to examine their work, or, lack of it, but give them an altamatem in respect of a “deadline” to fix the car, or fix it free if they don’t reach the deadline within time, as far as the extra damage incurred whilst in their care, “they” are responsable for that and should repair/replace the damage free anyway. i think you’ll find that “ANY” solicitor would agree. You could also confront them with a possability of them lending, hiring a car, for you, Free, of charge or sending the bill to them. You could also tell them that you are arranging another garage to finish the repairs and they would be responsable for delivery charges to the other garage of your car. You could also, if you wanted, tell the garage that you are going to approach the daily papers with your problem, this may not help a lot, but it may at least frighten them into action, if they beleive your going to do it anyway. I would think the longest they should have taken to complete this work, (allowing for parts etc,) would be about a week,-10 days. let them know of your intentions and be tough with them. you may find they work faster than even you thought possible. sincere best wishes and good luck.

  5. sidecar0 said :

    If you can don’t call any more, go there. If you have a friend that’s a lawyer, Police, Etc. take them with you. With all the info. you have or can get call or just file a complaint with BBB and the company of what ever shop this is. They’re just messing you around for some reason. “Go After Them”.


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