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How would my car sound or do if the chip in the key is broken?

We’ve tried all sorts of things to get the car to run, it wants to start and everything is in good condition, but the car won’t start. We are down to the fuel pump or the chip in the key being broken. The gauges don’t even budge either and I know I have gas in the car and an excellent battery and nothing flickers when I try to start the car, But the two lights that show up are the key light symbol and the fuel symbol. Its a 2000 Jeep Grand Cheeroke Limited.

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3 Responses to “How would my car sound or do if the chip in the key is broken?”

  1. riverrat15666 said :

    The “key” light symbol is your clue….Take the key and your registration to a Dodge or Jeep dealer and get a new key.

  2. Warren D said :

    Most vehicles with a chip in the key need that chip working for the fuel pump to operate.

    It could be a voltage regulator problem–it does sound electrical. You didn’t mention whether or not the engine turns over, but I assume it does. Usually when an engine turns over and won’t start that means either it’s not getting fuel or it’s not getting ignition from the spark plugs.

    A dealer should be able to test the key and tell you if the chip is all right. But it sounds to me like you need a good auto garage that can diagnose both electrical and mechanical problems.

    Good luck.

  3. sprinkles said :

    if it was a problem with the key, it would start and die 3 times. then it will just crank. everything else will operate normally. from what you have described, you may have a problem with your engine controller. if the SKIM light and the low fuel light are on and you know you have fuel in it, and the gauges are all down, you have no communication from your engine controller. it’ll need some pretty complex electrical diagnosis.


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