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Do I have to repair my car or can I keep the insurance cash/check?

I was rear ended by a driver, who admitted it was completely her fault. I contacted her insurance company to file a claim, they sent an appraiser to look at the damage, and then I received a $500 check (which I did not deposit).

I got an estimate from a reputable body shop for $1200. I initially wanted to repair the damage, and was told by my body shop that they will handle negotiations with the insurance company to get a supplement check (to get another check so that the total would be closer to $1200).

Due to certain factors, I now need the money and would prefer keeping it then getting my car repaired.

Questions — it is OK to keep negotiating for a supplement check? Will the supplement check be made out to me or to me AND the body shop? And more importantly, can I cash the check(s) and not repair my car? I don’t want to do anything unethical. Thanks for your help.

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6 Responses to “Do I have to repair my car or can I keep the insurance cash/check?”

  1. rex_rrracefab said :

    Supplemental checks are made out directly to the body shop. You can cash the check, but any further negotiations with the insurance will be ended at that point. My advice is to get the car fixed, then get a loan against the car for the cash you need.

  2. Tequila_mike said :

    The $500 you recieved was from the woman’s insurance company because that is all they feel you should get.

    The body shop give you an estimate and will handle all the work to the car but you will have to fork over the $500 bucks to him and then he will file a supplemental claim for the other $700. So basically you wouldn’t see any money.

    If you need the money, you cash the $500 and that’s it, even if the body shop says there is $1200 dollars in damage. Your car doesn’t get fixed and you’re $500 dollars richer.

    But when you want to get the car repaired later, you are on your own then. Its out of your pocket unless you have collision insurance and can pay that dedectable what ever that maybe on your policy. Check with your agent.

  3. eeyore6838 said :

    You can keep it, but its you that is driving around with a banged up car, and when you renew your insurance policy, the car in go down in value with the damage.

  4. sanchothepunk said :

    You can file a claim against another person and pocket the money. It is completely up to you if you want to get your car fixed or not. But once you deposit that 500 dollar check that’s considered a legal contract with her insurance company and they WILL NOT give you anymore money. Call your agent and tell them that you will not accept that check and fight it out, once you get a larger amount of money then you can keep it and not get your car fixed. And just because your car is banged up doesn’t mean that your insurance premium will change. Premiums are based on the make and model of your car, your age, your driving record, and where you live. It has nothing to do with the quality of your vehicle. I hope this helps you out 🙂

  5. D.L. said :

    First off if your going for a supp check then dont cash the first one they gave you. Because if you do they can say that was the agreed to price for repairs.. Wait until they give supp check. But basically if you take it to a shop of your choice they may just make check out to you, but if its a shop they work with then it will be made to you, and body shop.. Once pmt is made they dont care what you do with it. Cuz the damage is documented, and u cant clm it again..

  6. john M said :

    you can do what ever you want with the check you can get the car fixed or scrap it and get a different one


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