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How do you get proof of car insurance without a car?

I had my brother listed as a driver on my insurance policy and he is moving so will no longer be using my car. The insurance company is requiring that I show proof of insurance before removing him from the policy. They are telling me there is no other way to remove him from the policy due to a DUI charge. Is it even possible to get car insurance without a car? What should I do?
I have been in contact again with the insurance company and here is what they wrote back “The only proof we can accept to remove youthful driver’s is Proof of
Other Insurance.” What is the age limit on a youthful driver? My brohter is 24.

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5 Responses to “How do you get proof of car insurance without a car?”

  1. Ebony Cowboy said :

    call your insurance agent and them them to send you a ins card or proof that you are insured

  2. Gary C said :

    You can buy a personal policy. In TX an SR-22 will work.

  3. LoriBeth said :

    that’s strange, they shouldn’t require you to prove he has other insurance, it must be a company policy. normally, you should be able to sign a driver exclusion to remove him as a driver on the policy. ask to speak with your agent directly and try to explain the situation to him, maybe he can find a loophole for you.

  4. oklatom said :

    If you have an insurance company that is refusing to allow you to remove an authorized driver from your policy unless you PROVE the authorized driver has insurance elsewhere, it’s time to get a new policy in place at another company and then drop your current insurance. That is ridiculous.

    If you want to stay with that company for some reason (although I couldn’t think of any) you might call your agent and ask why you need to do that, and tell him you will switch if you can’t, and see what happens.

  5. RB said :

    they may be misinterpreting you. If he still lived in the same household but you wanted him removed then you would need to prove that he is insured elsewhere. You should ask them if you can sign an endorsement saying he will NOT drive the vehicle and if he does you are legally liable for any claim and if that would be enough to have him removed. I don’t understand the need for him to show insurance if he no longer lives with you.

    shop around and see what you can do. Getting a driver with a DUI off your policy should do wonders for your premiums as long as your record is good


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