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what car is the best for towing horse trailers?

I want a car that is powerful and reliable to tow double horse trailer on long journeys. I also need to use the car day to day for school runs etc and in London occasionally. Is there something other than Range Rover and Landcruiser? I want a used car and have between £8,000 and £10,000 to spend.

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11 Responses to “what car is the best for towing horse trailers?”

  1. Private said :

    Used shoguns will do the trick and are going for a song.

  2. phillip g said :

    try the new tundra just joking don’t know

  3. atvman_400 said :

    Oh, you’re on the other side of the Ocean. I would try a Ford Ranger. I think they sell those in Europe. Your Ranger is the same as our Sport Trac, and they can tow a horse trailer with two horses no problem.

  4. Chopper bloke said :

    Land rover Discovery will pull a large trailer easily and has off road ability but once they start to go wrong it seems everything goes wrong. However with £10,000 you should get a good one with a few years use in it. I’ve had two now and like them. I’ve also had a shogun which was much nicer inside, they seem to have a greater spec. But mine went terminally wrong and so I was put off. But most of my friends in and out of the horse world would prefer a shogun to a Discovery. I guess it’s just personal choice but I like the Disco.

  5. tools said :

    You need a mitsubishi pajero 4×4.

  6. heidimaghellian said :

    My short wheel based Landcruiser has been fab pulling two big horses in a big Fautras trailer. Wonderful to drive, nippy yet tough and never broken down (touch wood)! Highly recommended. You’d get one for that price.

    And I use it for school runs as its shorter its great and doesnt feel too BIG

  7. DAVID S said :

    The Mitsubishi Shogun is a good vehicle for towing and are cheap to buy secondhand.I had one for 3 years and towed double and triple axeled trailers upto 3 ton without any problems.A farmer bought it off me for towing a cattle trailer on the Isle of Lewis and said it was one of the best pulling vehicles he has had.

  8. im an er said :

    bmw 325—-vauhall vectra estate,ps one with a tow bar would help tho

  9. Roundthread said :

    It`s gotter be a Shogun

  10. cosmo said :

    Grand Cherokee with the Diesel engine NOT THE V8

  11. drawings_online said :

    Two cars immedietly spring to mind. First, the Freelander. If you get a TD4 model you can forget all about reliability issues and it’ll pull pretty much anything you like. Go for the estate model for a little extra weight. You’ll be suprised how small a freelander actually is compared to a range rover or Shogun LWB.
    Also, take a look at the Subaru Outback. It’s a jacked up Legacy Estate basically. Has enough weight and power to make it a good towing vehicle, but is still close enough to being a car so as not to be too big and cumbersome when you’re not towing.

    If you can squirrel more money aside, Audi’s allroad is another very good choice. My boss has one for towing his caravan around europe.


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