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Why did two Merchant’s Car Center repair shops say I needed tie rods, and the dealership say they look fine?

1999 Buick Century
2nd owner
2 different Merchant’s car repair shops said I need them
Buick dealership said no they look perfect
I’ve noticed when I’m curving left the car feels weird like I might can’t correct my steering, or wobbly on the left side.
I only feel it when I’m curving left, not turning. More of a left curve.

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3 Responses to “Why did two Merchant’s Car Center repair shops say I needed tie rods, and the dealership say they look fine?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    Have the Merchant’s Car Center put car up in air and show you why the tie rods have to be replaced. If the Buick dealer said no, then what is causing the problem? In to days repair world, very few shops want to take the time of a road test with the customer to see what or feels is happening.

  2. lar said :

    why would you need tie rods. Only because they would be loose. Tell your dealership what you shared with us in your question and maybe they have a fix for it. Why do merchants do this? Its called economics. You’re smart though, second opinion!

  3. kelly_f_1999 said :

    how to check tie rod jack up car take hold of tire side to side shake it.. feel any slack or bumping .. good bet its a tie rod shake and look under car if you see any part move or feel slack that part will be bad it shouldnt move.. dont take but a few minutes to check one your self… now hold tire top and bottom and shake tire feel any thing there will be upper or lower ball joints or control arm bushing…. never go to a dealer for work…. they are the highest place and most of the time are young guys learning how to work on cars… so it makes it the last place to go… any tire shop could tell you in five minutes any alignment shop five mintues.. take yourself most sides in a hour or less… id say its more of a ball joint or control arm bushing…. your just going to the wrong places


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