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Do new car dealer repair shop rig future repairs?

Hopefully this will be answered by those experienced in the business. From recent experience from two dealers it seems that when I brought my auto in for a repair (once a recall, another a warranty), not long if not immediately afterwards something new goes wrong with my truck or car. Of course it requires a dealer only supplied part and not covered under a warranty. It is already hard to trust new car dealers and this just makes me further suspicious of the dealerships practices.

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5 Responses to “Do new car dealer repair shop rig future repairs?”

  1. Tony R said :

    only crooked ones but most with endorsements don’t

  2. s r said :

    I have worked for 2 dealerships for a combined total of about 13 years in the service department. I would not say that is common practice. I would say it is coincidence.

  3. mpj said :

    My husband is a service consultant at a large new car dealership, and no, that is not allowed, or condoned. It is illegal, and if you have questions, call the place you had the repairs done and talk with the service manager about your questions, most will be happy to help.

    In all likely hood, cars just aren’t made well, and problems arise. You either luck out and never have repairs, or you have them constantly.

    Sorry you’re having to deal with that though. It’s no fun.

  4. Pedro S said :

    i dont know how old you are but things wear out…iv seen good and bad dealers but never thought they “did” anything to my car/truck..most problems were dumb @ss mechanics who couldn’t figure out whats wrong so just started replacing every thing they could think of…

  5. pickupman82 said :

    That is called job security..

    Is it allowed? no… does it happen.. you bet.

    Hard to stop someone from doing it unless you catch them.

    Not all dealers are that way and it very well could have been a coincidence.


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