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Does anyone know of a car repair shop that can tell me whats wrong with my saturn?

I am looking for a shop in franklin that can help me figure out what is wrong with the electrical system in my 2002 Saturn L100 Sedan. The dashboard lights are flickering and the car keeps trying to unlock itself while im drving. Also the lisence plate lights are flickering. Or any good sites thanks.

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5 Responses to “Does anyone know of a car repair shop that can tell me whats wrong with my saturn?”

  1. kenoplayer said :

    If you have a remote starter that also has lock/unlock buttons, it’s the computer chip in that. You have to get a new one installed. It happened to my Saturn as well.

  2. MichelleWH said :

    At autozone they will hook your car up to a diagnostic machine, which will then print out a code giving you an explanation of what could be wrong. I had to do this once for my Jeep. One of my dashboard locks kept coming on. It ended up being for my gas cap…it wasn’t properly put back on.
    This is a free service.

  3. xerowun said :

    You have a whole bunch of loose connections in your electrical system. A repair shop will be able to help you out, though there is a lot of wiring to go through in order to find all of the loose and worn wiring in order to replace them.

  4. apoorapothecary said :

    Before trying to back-trace all the electrical connections, try the simple ones first. Check and clean the connections between the positive terminal and the starter, and the terminal and battery. Check and clean the negative terminal at the battery, chase the terminal to the chassis ground – check and clean that, and check and clean the ground to the engine.

    Then, go inside, and check the ground to the gauge cluster, and ground to the ECM. Most likely one of these may be the culprit.

  5. automd said :

    There are two possible answers to your question. It could be the wires that is causing the problems or the car computer itself. You just need it to be checked by an expert.


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