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Finding honest car repair shop: dealer vs big generic garage vs small garage?

Looking back, I think that I have been ripped of obviously in having my car repaired which broke down again soon after, especially by small repair garages. However, taking my old car back to the car dealer garage generally costs the most for parts and labour. Using big generic garages generally reuslt in cheaper parts, but may result in wrong diagnosis without appropriate equipments.

So, what is your recommended choice to repair your car, assuming that something u cannot do it yourself?

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4 Responses to “Finding honest car repair shop: dealer vs big generic garage vs small garage?”

  1. Justin J said :

    I would definatly go to a big garage instead of a dealer or small garage. Dealers always have a 60 percent mark up on parts and labor. And since their mechanics get paid off of the hours they charge you they usually charge 3 to 4 hours for a 1 hour job. Then small garages usually do all jobs half way so they can get u out as quick as possible. Most big name garages try to charge cheaper than both but have a tendacy to do the job right the first time because they usually warrenty their work longer than most. They also can afford to pay the better mechanics. It sounds weird but look for a shop that has thank you cards hanging on their wall, that’s a sign that they continue to take care of their customers on a regular basis.

  2. Scott W said :

    Ask some of Ur friends where they take the car for repair and if they like the place.

  3. Old Man Dirt said :

    It is impossible to flatly reject a shop based on the way you classify them. I have had some dealerships that I have trusted, and never let me down. There are also some family repair shops that have earned my trust. Believe it or don’t, but I have even found a few franchise operations that were good.
    Just follow this rule, if you get burnt, don’t go back!
    Ask around and maybe talk about cars and repairs with casual acquaintances. Some one may have a mechanic they trust, but the car has to be fixed every 60 to 90 days, don’t go there. If some one has a car that seems to always run right, and seldom has car problems, ask them where they take their car.

  4. Eldridge Salvadore said :

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