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What is the easiest car to purchase and customize?

I am a high school student with a steady paying job and would like to purchase my first car. I absolutely love tuning and customizing cars in my head and on paper. I have approximately $6k to spend on the car and i need it to function well until i can start working on it. What would be my best options for an easy to purchase and tune first car?

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3 Responses to “What is the easiest car to purchase and customize?”

  1. James O said :

    Honda Civic. those things run forever and there are endless upgrade on market for them.

  2. Stangman said :

    I would go with a honda Accord or Prelude, Toyota Celica, an old-school mustang, or maybe even a Nissan 240sx

  3. David M said :

    i would go with mustang the parts are cheap and easy to get there are a lot of choices and you can pic one up reasonably and make it fast and look sweet easily you can make it your own check some of the options here for mods click on the mark below


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