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What information car rental companies pass to the police if the car has been caught speeding?


In a situation when one hires a car and then commits a traffic offence, in many cases the police asks the rental company to provide driver details so they can charge a fine directly.

What information does the car rental company provide to the police? Is it just name and address of the driver or is it something else such as passport number or driving license details?

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5 Responses to “What information car rental companies pass to the police if the car has been caught speeding?”

  1. Wizard09 said :

    I think the police know who they’re dealing with when they stop you. Cars don’t speed people do.

  2. nas88car300 JPM wins said :

    in many cases when pulled over they run your drivers license and that is where they get your information
    if its a photo ticket they will get your name and address from the rental company or the rental company will send you the ticket

  3. Badge203 said :

    If you were stopped the information they need is obtained by the driver

    If in fact the car was involved in lets say a hit and run where the police did not pull the driver over, the rental car company will provide the officers your name, DL number, address, etc

  4. deanc1963 said :

    Cars are inanimate objects, they don’t speed or commit civil/criminal infractions. People do that.

    The rental company is obligated to provide your identity to the police – including driver license number/passport number, etc. Where it otherwise, merely renting a car would exempt you from all traffic laws.

  5. ornery and mean said :

    I am a rental agent. We provide all information the police request as part of any investigation.

    The few times this has happened at my counter I provided law enforcement officials with a copy of the rental agreement, complete information on the vehicle, and any information I knew from talking to the customer.

    To answer your question … if the officer asks the question and we can answer it … we answer the question.


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