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How can I increase my cars gas mileage ?

If you own a car, you are probably looking for ways on how to increase your gas mileage to save money. Though less driving seems to be the most effective solution, there are lots of other ways to increase your gas mileage without cutting the time you spend behind the wheel.

One of the reasons that other cars run less mileage is due to the fast evaporation of its gas. This can be avoided by minimizing the time in parking with your car fully exposed to the sun. The heat of the sun helps increase the evaporation process of the gas in your car. Loose gas caps is also one factor that can make gas evaporation faster, so tightening your gas caps is not just for safety but efficiency as well.

The air pressure on your car’s tires can also contribute to less gas efficiency. Low pressure tires add stress to the car, which makes the engine work harder and spend up to 20% more gas. Do a regular check up and maintenance on your car. Cleaning clogged air filters, tuning up your engine and frequent oil change will help the vehicle run smoothly and efficiently.

Another easy way to increase the mileage of your gas is to unload unnecessary weight in your car. Make a quick check in your trunk and see if all the things in it are really needed. Lightening the load of your car will put less pressure on your tires, thus, your engine won’t have to work harder.

Fuel additives will also help boost the gas mileage of your car. You can add 2 oz of acetone to every 5 gallons of gas in your car. This will add chemical boost, which will help you reduce your gas usage.

If you want to increase about 23% more of your gas mileage, you can reduce the usage of your air condition. You can just open the window if the weather is not too hot or you can alternate between using your car’s air vent and the AC.

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