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Is a motorcycle a good investment when I already own a car?

I own an old Super Beetle, and a 95 Camaro. I was wondering if it is worth the money to buy a sportsbike because they have such good gas mileage. I live in a small town and a motorcycle would be nice to ride instead of driving around.

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10 Responses to “Is a motorcycle a good investment when I already own a car?”

  1. Dimo J said :

    Nope. The gasoline saved by the bike over the Beetle will not come anywhere near paying for the bike. You do not get to claim a good reason for having a sportsbike — so tell everyone to F.O. and get it for the fun.

  2. Farmer said :

    not really.
    from what you’re stating, a bike would be just like a toy for you.
    you already have a sports car, and a gas miser for when you need transportation and money is tight so a bike would really be just a toy for you.

  3. Ming said :

    if you want to get the bike, you should sell one of the cars. a car is a must, the motorcycle is generally for leisure. however, if you dont’ like sitting through traffic, the bike is convenient because you can lanesplit and ride in the carpool lane.

  4. cocoy said :

    not really..

    the bike would pretty much be a “toy” for you because you already have a gas saver vehicle.

    if you get a bike, then how much would your payments be? would your savings in gas compensate for that payments? how much would insurance be? (in some states its cheaper because they have shorter summer and longer winter and all so insurance companies knows that you won’t be riding your bike too much- like colorado).
    so with everything said and done, would you be saving? but that’s just my opinion, but if you really want a bike just because you want one, then get one.

  5. Dudeman said :

    Just get the bike if you can afford it. They are fun! But you WILL need one of the cars too.

  6. Levi said :

    Would it save money… Not a chance (sportbikes are expensive to insure). It would look really cool though 😀

  7. Bart S said :

    ahh huh, ,, you sound like a typical HD owner where they all say they buy a HD as an investment.
    I buy a motorcycle for fun, enjoyment, the passion to ride, the freedom, to express myself.
    NO motorcycle is an investment, all motorcycles loose value in time

  8. bluff mike said :

    Bikes are more than just investments or gas misers.
    If you want one, that’s all the reason you need.

  9. pieeatinguy said :

    Depending on the sport bike you get really. Hayabusa’s and 1000’s and up don’t get that great fuel economy.

  10. magnanimous said :

    No, it wouldn’t be a good investment. But you’ll have a lot of fun with it, I know I do with mine. Ride safe.


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