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How do I stop my car windows steaming up?

nothing rude here btw!

Two things seem to work for me-putting the heater on to warm up the car, and opening the windows to let people’s breaths out.
These strike me as working against each other however.

So what is the fastest way to stop car windows steaming up?

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23 Responses to “How do I stop my car windows steaming up?”

  1. gladshe8or said :

    quit porking in the bsck seat

  2. PuntaCorvo66 said :

    Turn on heat and put the air on recirculate so you are not pulling in dank moisture.

  3. Louis T said :

    Set the dial to the defogger position, and turn on the AC, test it with cold first, then if that works, while keeping the ac on make it warm. If that also works then you are golden.

  4. Technokid said :

    Normally in A/C you see two settings, one that circulates air inside car and another one that takes fresh air from outside. If you put your a/c with the mode that circulates air inside then it is going to build moisture on your windows. So change it to the symbol that shows take air from outside.

    You do not necessarily have to put your heater on to remove the moisture build up. You can put a/c in any level with degauss/window flow towards glass.

  5. Graham H said :

    Some cars have filters for the fan air. eg BMW, if so best to throw them away because they get dirty and damp and block the duct so the car steams up.

    Sometimes the switch from recycled air to air from outside may not work so it uses recycled all the time. To stop steamy windows you need to have a free flow of air from outside.

    Sometimes it can be your fan duct switch position. If the weather is damp outside you need to set it to blow inside the windscreen.

    If all that fails your car seems to have poor ventilation so open the windows just a cm or two when it is raining. Open back and front helps air flow and ventilation and should still not let rain in.

  6. DeeDee said :

    You really must stop all that s.e.x. in your car. That’s all there is to it.

  7. stallion1948_lloyd said :

    you got an air leak somewhere,check around your door moldings.

  8. [email protected] said :

    rain-x the inside windows sounds funny but it works.

  9. loryntoo said :

    Turn on the air conditioner to remove moisture from the air and switch the ventilation to outside air, not the air recyled within the car.

  10. miz Destiny said :

    you wont stop it, but if you wash/spray your windows with a soapy solution and squeegee (window wiper/blade) it takes much longer to fog up again.

    This works great in a bathroom so it should work in your car

    whack the warm air blowers and window heater’s on if you have them

    if all else fails, don’t breathe in the car 😉

  11. Fran T said :

    Leave them open. It makes for easier viewing for the spectators.

  12. Rosie said :

    why r they steaming up??? im not there with u!!!!

  13. john boy -1 said :

    get a life first man,tut tut tut one born every minute

  14. peter g said :

    they have products for that you know. If you check a local store you’ll usually find anti damp products for glasses. It works like a charm on your windows too. I apply this every year at the start of winter and it works like a charm. You just need to reapply every time you clean the windows. Btw since your windows aren’t steaming up any more better not do anything steamy in there any more

  15. seanmercer said :

    Use air blowers on the warm setting, but DONT use recirculate, all you are doing is blowing that moist/dirty, damp air around your car over and over again, allow as much fresh air into the car as possible…you didnt say about trying to keep people warm did you?!?! if not, it IS better to open all windows slightly so ou have a nice draft & fresh air can circulate (not RECIRCULATE) and as warm air is being put into the car, none of you lot will fry. If you have A/C, your windows will clear in approx 15 secs anyway, but what i said was for if you didnt have A/C (Like me!)

  16. marc s said :

    WOW i read all these answers and these people dont know crap ok when ur turn on the defroster setting on the car the A/C automatically comes on (if it works) its a dehumidifier for the car also put the car on recirculate keeping pulling the moisture out of the air thats already in the car DONT pull in fresh otherwise the system has to start all over also breathe out of ur nose and stop giving so many people rides third make sure the temperature setting of the cabin is on hot also with the windows up go to a power washer and spray around all the windows, see if u have any leaks if water can seep through so can air if water cant make it then its sealed also does ur car have rear defrost, turn it on leave it on when it goes out automatically, turn it back on hope this helps maybe consider having a thermostat put in the car and check ur anti freeze level u could be low as the coolant runs through the heater core its not getting hot because ur missing just enough so that the car doesnt over heat the heater core is basically a mini radiator.

  17. baasty said :

    rainX ANTI fog from halfords £5.99
    takes a couple of applications but works a treat :D.
    beware it stinks when you 1st apply it so open the doors while you apply it 🙂

  18. Semore said :

    Giving the windows a good clean will normally help.

  19. Louis C said :

    It’s probably your heater core leaking. Coolant, warmed by the engine is circulated through a small radiator called a heater core. A fan blows air through the core to warm up the inside of the car. If the core starts leaking, the fan will blow that moist air inside the car, and as it hits the windows, the moisture condenses (fogs up) your windows. As well, do NOT re-circulate the air in the car…that will make it worse.
    Solution is to get core changed. It could be expensive, depending on make of car. Another thing that you could try, if an older vehicle, is to try putting Barr’s leak in the rad. This has worked for me at times, and plugged the holes in the core. Good luck

  20. Munro & Suzanne said :

    Marc S is the most technically correct response you have here (although his punctuation keys appear not to function) – if you have A/C then it will kick in automatically to de-humidify the air and will do that most effectively on recirc.

    The use of Rain-X or one of many other similar proprietary mist preventers is worth while once a season, as advised by several contributors above.

    However, there is one other major cause of demisting problems and that is if there is a leak into your car. Rain water or road spray leaking into the trunk, footwells, carpets, headlining etc will mean that every time you get in your car it is fogged up before you start. If you find that this is the case then first try to dry out all your carpet/underlay materials (this can take ages), then fix the leak source.

    Worth checking too that your heating system works properly – when on defrost mode the air should be blowing strongly up the windshield and should be warm air after about 3-5 minutes…if not then the duct flap that controls hot/cold air or the duct flap that routes air up tot the windshield may be not fully moving into hot defrost mode. You have to get under the dash and troubleshoot these, but apart from the awkward access it is fairly straight forward to fix these problems.

    Otherwise follow Marc S’s advice above.

    Sure is starting to be the season when wet and cold have an effect on driving conditions, so best sort any problems sooner rather than later…don’t forget that if you drive with fogged up or partly fogged up windows and mirrors you put yourself and others at risk. You’re doing the right thing to get it resolved. Good luck and happy motoring.

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