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Why does my car keep stalling at stop lights and when backing out?

I just recently had it repaired because it wouldn’t start. Now, I get it back and I have to restart the car at every stop light and when I back out of anywhere.

I know next to nothing about cars, I know you put in key, turn it, car comes on. So I don’t know any of the technical stuff that goes with it.

So anyone have any ideas?

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3 Responses to “Why does my car keep stalling at stop lights and when backing out?”

  1. Bever said :

    it could either be that it is out of timing or it needs new plugs and wires real bad take it to an advanced auto parts store or auto zone and have them put it on the computer to see all the problems

  2. lar said :

    Sandmeta, when you ask someone to fix something for you, do you accept a partial job. Go back to the shop and shop and ask them to finish the job. They owe.

  3. Tbone said :

    Most repair shop have 30 days or 90 days guarantee.So just take it back to them.Or u can check fuel n air check fuel u can use a fuel pressure gage.if the gage read too low of pressure.then chance are u need a new fuel pump(or something went into fuel line…it happen don’t matter is intention or not).Replace a new air filter.


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