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How do you stop birds landing on your car and using it as a toliet?

This bird(s) seems to just single out my car to land on, my car is parked next to some trees but i have no where else for it to go. Also cleaning my car is a waste of time as the bird is back with in a day.

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20 Responses to “How do you stop birds landing on your car and using it as a toliet?”

  1. Cameron x said :

    you cant really, unless you can find some type of repellant to put on the car to stop them, or maybe its just sheer luck that it always seems to be your car….

  2. soren said :

    you’re lucky. they don’t even give me the respect of landing.

  3. Mighty C said :

    Is it green? They are usually attracted to this colour.
    They must think it an unusual shaped tree!

  4. texasjewboy12 said :

    I had the same problem years ago. I had two Mulberry trees on my property. Birds ate the berries and crapped all over my car. Believe me, there’s nothing like Mulberry mess! I cut the trees down to solve the problem.

  5. robbief1999 said :

    Put a trampoline on the roof and send their dirty little packages back where they came from…they’ll get the message soon enough.

  6. Tammy said :

    That usually only happens when you park under a tree.

  7. Kaska said :

    Stand out side and shoo it away.

    Sounds like your only option is to buy a cover. Then do you want to be bothered with a cover with bird poo on it?

  8. sscodenameisprinceton said :

    Don’t ever wash your car. It seems to me that birds have a radar for freshly washed cars, and they do their lovely plops on a freshly washed one. So a dirty car will, in my logic, repel bird poop.

    Good luck!

  9. Linda k said :

    maybe you need to buy a tarp and cover it all the time

  10. Kyle W said :

    You need to either build a garage and park it there or you can go to Lowes and get like a 500$ Carport and set it up in your driveway and park your car under it every time you come home park it under there and your Bird problem is over.

  11. happy trucker said :

    Shotgun just don’t hit the car filling the hole’s in is worse than cleaning the bird s**t off !

  12. babyeey14 said :

    spray it with loads of catnip and the birds wont dare come near the car, dont know what will help with the cats though! hav fun x

  13. sophie said :

    they don’t land on ur car to use it as a toilet, you just park it under their tree, where they happen to go to the toilet. the only way to stop is to park somewhere else!

  14. sara said :

    glue a couple of cats to your car

  15. lola said :

    only thing you can do is buy one of those tent/canopy things to park your car under,or get some sort of cover for it, other than that ride a bike, it will be harder for them to hit. good luck.

  16. wendy wee wees said :

    get a cover for your car

  17. Greg N said :

    Buy a car cover.

  18. Karen m said :

    put your car in the garage or under a tarp

  19. Dreamweaver said :

    Don’t go out with her again

  20. cactusone said :

    tie metallic ribbon to the antenna


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