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How do I repair a cigarette burn in my car’s upolstry?

Please help! Serious answers only. I just bought a new car a couple of months ago. I got a cigarette burn on the driver’s seat behind my back. Is there anyway I can fix it quickly? Do those little car upolstry repair kits work? My family doesn’t know I smoke!!! Please help! :~(

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6 Responses to “How do I repair a cigarette burn in my car’s upolstry?”

  1. zizigooloo_asipasi said :

    take it to the dealer and aks them to repair it.

  2. lilkracker78 said :

    reupholster, cover up with a blanket, or try iron-on patches

  3. Michelle said :

    Uh oh, I don’t believe there is anything you can use to cover that, buy seat covers. But seriously if you are old enough to drive and smoke you are mature enough I hope to tell your family.

  4. riderchick said :

    yes they do. i rented a car and the ash burnt the seat i bought a kit from wal-mart and you mix the fabric to match your car apply the glue then let it sit …….but on the back side of your seat i’m not sure if the new fabric stuff will stay in place. after applying place a playing card over and tape to the seat. hope this helps

  5. low rider said :

    Quit smoking and buy a roll of duct tape for it will only happen again.

  6. mysore said :

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