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What is the cheapest luxury car to repair?

I graduate from college this year (YAY!!) and I’m getting a new car. I’m thinking luxury but my parents are concerned they will cost too much to repair. What are some luxury vehichles that are cheap to repair? I make about 32k…IM BALLING ON A BUDGET HELP

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8 Responses to “What is the cheapest luxury car to repair?”

  1. ffr said :

    mecedes does make some car just under 30 thousand now but if your looking for one with cheaper repairs my personal suggestion would be to go with an audi or a lexus

  2. Bub said :

    Cadillac from GM. CTS, DTS, there are some great deals out there right now.

  3. kevin b said :

    a reventon is not to expensive.

  4. retstocks said :

    Buick Lucerne, you won’t be sorry.

  5. warriorfstride said :


  6. taysov75 said :

    a Buick or Cadillac would be good. there cheap and very reliable.

  7. Hunter H said :

    Audi is not cheap to repair. Get a BMW 1 series cheap to maintain because they don’t break down a lot but for cheapest repairs Lexus which is still considered a Toyota, economy- luxury maybe.

  8. bowtrol said :

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