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How do I find the cheapest car repair without calling every shop for quotes?

I have four or five simple repairs that need to be done on my car, such as a broken side mirror and replacement window motor. But I’ve googled a lot of auto repair shops and few have reviews.

I went to one a couple years ago on a recommendation from a friend, and they completely overcharged me. I’m still paying. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

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5 Responses to “How do I find the cheapest car repair without calling every shop for quotes?”

  1. The Goods said :

    go to yelp and read reviews on auto shops around you. hope this helps 🙂

  2. ahpolkguy said :

    Recommendation from friends in usually the best. Sorry for your last situation. Independent shops are usually the best. Look for one that is busy and have several nice BIG(huge) toolboxes in the shop. They’re usually know what they are doing and give you an honest price; ever maybe it may sound high, you are paying to have it done right. Good luck.

    A broken side mirror and window motor, check with a body shop too.

  3. Chris said :

    Nearly all shops go by the books which is $90 per hour labor time. Dealers will charge alot for parts, but they are exact fit and last longer than street corner part stores.

    Reputation from people you know is the best, but remember that your not paying for the parts, your paying for the persons expertise and training to do that work.

  4. Hsiang T said : also has mechanic files user surveys that you can try in addition to searching on yelp.

    If you still can’t find a short list, sign up to a car forum for at least matches your car make. Make sure it’s one of the more popular ones, and then ask for a shop recommendation and give your specific location.

  5. Jessica H said :

    try to see all quotes for your area

    hope it helps


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