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Can you start manual car in the reverse gear?

I was just wondering if it is possible to start a car while it is in the reverse gear?

Ok, so I get in the car put the clutch in, put it in reverse and roll BACKWARDS down a hill, released the clutch and the wheels turned the engine and the car…..?(will it start)?

I clutch started it

Will the car start in the reverse gear?
What are the consequences?
What will happen?

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8 Responses to “Can you start manual car in the reverse gear?”

  1. Carl_the_Truth said :

    No. You need to put it it neutral and then kick it into gear once you get rolling. You’ll probably pop a gear if you do it backwards.

  2. pedro7of9 said :

    will start if ignision is ON,,, consequences? none or crash into something,,anything behind you??

  3. Icanhelp said :

    The car should start but don’t forget its in reverse so that means you will have to press the clutch back in once it starts to keep it rolling.

  4. gone from here said :

    You should be able to start the car by popping the clutch in reverse just be prepared to react accordingly, with a burst of power to begin with ” in reverse” you need to maintain control. It’s not a safe way to start.

  5. JIM G said :

    yes it will start, but there will be a noticable lurch. there probably wont be any damage unless you are going really fast

  6. Good old Grim said :

    It has to be one motherfucker of a hill to clutch start in reverse with nobody pushing… basically its about the same as clutch-starting in 1st gear. Everything will happen the same, except you’ll be going backwards.

  7. SoCal said :

    Yes you can “push” start a stick shift in reverse. It’s exactly the same as doing it in 1st gear.
    It’s a bit rough on the motor and clutch assembly but for the most part everything is fine. Just make sure you have the key in the II position when doing this and prepare to catch the car fast before it stalls out.

    The engine, flywheel, and clutch always rotate in one direction only no matter what gear you have selected. Even rolling the car backwards and push starting that way will not cause the engine to rotate in the wrong direction, it’s physically impossible unless you were to grab the flywheel or crank shaft bolt and rotate the engine backwards yourself.

  8. Breanne Fry said :

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