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My car won’t start after changing the water pump. What have I done wrong?

My car is a Honda Accord, 1995cc,. Year of Make: 1994.
(Of course changing the water pump, I had to remove the timing belt and the timing balancer belt and all the external belts).
On completion of the job, when I tried to start, I heard the starter turn as if there is no load. The engine does not turn at all. Please help.

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19 Responses to “My car won’t start after changing the water pump. What have I done wrong?”

  1. e s said:

    Sounds like you messed up the timing belt.

  2. done wrenching said:

    It’s probably out of time, did you have easy to understand illustrations?

  3. Maid Angela said:

    Sounds a though something is disconnected or the starter is not engaging in the engine. Take the starter out and make sure the engaging cog is loose.

  4. silverfox9605 said:

    You probably don’t have the timing belt on properly

  5. bored at work said:

    sounds like it is in a bind but try turning it at the balancer

  6. kakarotch2000 said:

    buy a hanes book and see if the starter is attatched to the crank

  7. Fanny said:

    you have knacked the timing up, you may now of chucked a valve

  8. orderee4 said:

    check your battery, it may be flat and wants recharging

  9. omnisource said:

    Chances are the timing has been disturbed, perhaps you’ve re-installed it one tooth off. I just did the same thing on a Toyota after a waterpump/headgasket change. OOPS!

  10. bobweb said:

    I wouldn’t crank it anymore until I double checked the timing belt synchronization between the crank shaft and camshaft since you have no compression.

  11. James Bond said:

    Go to a mechanic unless you are one lousy one!
    If you are sick See a DOCTOR!
    Dont Try to be TOO Smart!!
    Let others do their Jobs ,and Others will let
    you do YOURS!!!!

  12. jason c said:

    If the starter is turning un-loaded then potentially the timing between the head and crack is out of sync.

  13. chevdud97 said:

    You need to check the timing marks. When you install the belt you have to line up the camshaft mark to its mark on the block and the crankshaft mark to its mark on the block. If they are 1 tooth off it wont run properly. BE CAREFUL. THE MOTOR YOU HAVE IS CALLED AN INTERFERENCE MOTOR. If they are not timed properly the piston can come up and hit a valve when opened. NOT PRETTY……

  14. Mex_tech78 said:

    You’re gonna have to open it up again realign all the timing marks get a book.Also you will have to align the balance shaft belt.Like the last guy said good luck you may have slapped a valve therefore ruining your time let someone else that knows do it.

  15. Tez said:

    Timing belt is not replaced properly. Be careful!!!!! you will destroy your engine!!!!! , or you may have already if you tried to start it!

  16. S S said:

    timings out

  17. SnoddersB said:

    The problem is with the starter. I had this problem with a previous car that had a pre engaged cog to drive the flywheel. The thing works with the solenoid and the engaging cog is thrown into engagement by the solenoid just before contact is made. It is possible that the solenoid has dirt in it and that the throw is not enough, I removed the started and dismantled the solenoid which needed cleaning before reassembly. Worked fine from them. The only other possibility is that a few teeth on the starter ring are missing at one point, so you could try to turn the engine round to a different position and have another go at starting. If it turns then it is the ring which would mean dismantling the engine and gearbox from each other and replacing the ring.

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