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Can a motorcycle be your only means of transportation?

I am thinking about buying a motorcycle but not a car. What are the pros and cons of only having a motorcycle?

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10 Responses to “Can a motorcycle be your only means of transportation?”

  1. Andre said :

    car-extra protection but can easily get caught in traffic
    motorcycle-kinda dangerous but can easily get through traffic

  2. jim said :

    Raindrops feel like rocks at 65mph when you don’t have the proper gear. You can only shop for as much as will fit in a backpack. Even a fender bender could lead to a ride to the hospital. Insurance is cheap.

  3. jon said :

    Pros: Better gas mileage, lower insurance rates,fun to ride, faster in traffic, cheaper than a car, easier to find parking, and you can look really cool when you’re not even trying to.

    Cons: Rain sucks on a bike, other motorists think you are invisible, no air conditioning, no heat, cops like bikes a lot more than cars, road hazards become 10x worse when on a bike, the wifes gonna hate it.

    BUT….I’ve been on my bike as my sole means of transportation for almost 2 years (and I have a car, I just choose not to drive it), and I have no regrets….wouldnt change a thing….except maybe the mileage.

  4. lxls said :

    Pros- Blast to drive and Great on Gas

    Negs- Dangerous if you drive dangerously, people don’t see you so well, not nice in bad weather.

    Well, if you do not have any other vehicles a car would be more practical. A much safer choice, but also more costly in maintence.

  5. S Z said :

    I have two motorcycles and no car. I have a honda rebel for around town and a Kaw Vulcan for the highway. I live in Kansas where there are 4 seasons. I ride in rain, snow, ice, and nice sunny days too. It is a pain in the a$$ during the winter. I don’t ride much then. I have a back pack that I use for grocery shoping, as neither of my bikes has luggage. I have learned to carry one of those little baskets in the store. I know that if it fits in there it will fit in my back pack. When I go to lowes for lumber to fix the house I pay them to deliver it. I figure the added cost of shipping is far less than what I would pay in insurance alone for a car. But, the upside is when summer comes and I can go where ever for little to nothing. The rebel costs $72 a year for insurance while the vulcan costs $96 a year. The two together are still way less than a car. The rebel gets 90 MPG and the vulcan get 58MPG. So, I can pretty much go whereever I want.

  6. [email protected] said :

    Definitely it can, I travel far and wide on mine – even through Africa..

  7. blanderswake said :

    S Z, you must not be married. My wife freaks out when I mention riding in the winter. She thinks I’m going to die from the cold. I don’t know how people can ride snowmobiles, then.

  8. LMC said :

    I’ve used my bike as my only means of transport for the last three years. I live in the UK and I failed my driving test (car) twice and at cost of about £100 a time on average I couldn’t afford to keep trying so one day my mate told me to get a bike. I got a cheap 125 (biggest bike you can ride in UK without a full license.) and passed my test first time. I’ve been riding ever since and a couple of weeks ago I got a GSF 600 which I love. The Pros I’ve found are skipping traffic jam, cost of running is cheap, insurance is cheap, road tax is alot cheaper and generally fun to ride. On the other hand though there are many Cons too. Very cold riding to work first thing in the morning, general weather problem like rain, snow, ice…etc (I had to catch the bus for 3 weeks while it was snowing here a couple of months ago.), can’t carry a great deal and car drivers drivers don’t give a sh*t about you. All in all though I love only having a bike, and having a bike as my only means of transport works for me.

  9. jake said :

    i wouldent use a motorcycle you gotta act like everyone cantt see you and be alert and paranoid all the time 🙁

  10. Tim D said :

    Mine is.


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