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Is it possible to trade in a motorcycle for a car?

I have a motorcycle, but I want a car now…My motorcycle is an 06…Does anyone think that I will be able to trade the motorcycle in for like a down payment on a car or is this thought just silly?

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to trade in a motorcycle for a car?”

  1. car rx said :

    absolutely! you just need a dealer who deals in both. many used car dealers do.

  2. jimjackoff2 said :

    some car lots will do that to sell a car I say yes they will.

  3. martin m said :

    its been done . what’s the value of the bike ,not the trade in value ,trade in will be less . the idea hear would be to sell the bike for more than trade in, and more of blue book value .

  4. Nunoyvgvna Awi said :

    depends on the dealer. some only want to deal with cars, others will take bikes, boats and even RV’s as trade in if they have a means of selling or wholesaling the item off.

    just have to ask….its not odd. see it all the time as I work in the biz.

  5. johnny C said :


  6. JEANNE C said :

    Depends on the dealership, but many do take a motorcycle in as trades. Just remember this is winter and the value or demand is less. You may want to wait until spring and sell it on your own. Since it is a “motor vehicle” new and used dealerships can take it in on trade. Now a boat is a different story.


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