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What small car is best for daily go to work, only car 3-person household, – your experience??

Looking for the best option for a friend, the car is in garage at night, near sea at day, and should be low cost maintenance. Until now she drives Toyota Yaris, quite good.

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8 Responses to “What small car is best for daily go to work, only car 3-person household, – your experience??”

  1. holy d said :

    i like my focus

  2. Stampy Skunk said :

    The toyota is a good choice… subaru, suzuki….. small car like that which gets good gas mileage….

  3. cgriffin1972 said :

    Any small car will do fine.

    Chevy Cobalt
    Ford Focus
    Dodge Neon

    Or about any foreign car with a 4 cylinder engine

  4. paul h said :

    Pickup a copy of Consumer Reports annual auto buying info book at a book store or library–it has loads of info on what cars are rated well for mileage, safety and repairs.
    has info on econmy and safety ratings of various cars as well.

  5. Hakem said :

    Try a Chevy HHR

  6. justlilolme said :

    Stick with a Toyota or go with Honda. Just choose a lesser expensive (entry level) model, quality is still there but you aren’t paying for the ‘bells and whistles’ or ‘toys’ that drive the price up. I also recommend your friend take a good look at Suzuki, Mitsubshi, Kia and Hyundai…. all those have a great track record and the best new car warranty in the industry, therefore making any of those those a wise choice and giving the consumer the ‘best bang for the buck’. Some makes now even include regularly scheduled maintenance in the warranty for FREE! If your friend will need 4 wheel drive then go with Suburu (much better for driving in snow, sugar sand etc)

  7. dennis s said :

    look at a saturn. 4cylinder. great gas wont rust easy to maintain.

  8. Kaila Bereznak said :

    An intelligent response – absolutely no BS * which makes a new pleaasnt change.


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