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I want to buy a motorcycle to use as my primary transportation for my computer repair business?

I have a computer repair business in New York City and I am looking for a motorcycle that I will use to go to appointments, and transport computers. I already have a special case that mounts to any standard rear luggage rack, but I need a motorcycle! I am looking for a motorcycle that says “professional/utilitarian/fun”

It should be a relatively reliable bike–also nothing too sporty, nothing too much like a cruiser. Any ideas?

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7 Responses to “I want to buy a motorcycle to use as my primary transportation for my computer repair business?”

  1. Briggs said :

    well I woudl suggest a good duel sport. These bikes are designed to carry luggage. They .are still light and capable in rain and snow. I listed a link below to a V Storm which I checked out not too long ago for cross country type riding. A lot of torque for stop and start traffic riding. space to attach water prrof saddle bags and a rear luggage and still have a passenger.

  2. Natasha said :

    kawasaki concourse,honda std 1100,honda goldwing

  3. Murf said :

    Are you looking for a sport-touring bike like a Kawasaki Concours, BMW K1300GT,or Honda ST1200?

  4. bluff mike said :

    A friend was in the same business and used a Bergman scooter. It has a lot of under seat storage.

  5. conda said :

    a sports tourer like a Honda VFR 800.

  6. Dimo J said :

    You won’t like my answer, but what the Hell….

    You’re talking NYC, not high speed highways. There is no need for speed.
    You’re talking NYC, if it ain’t chained down it’s gone. You need LOCKABLE storage.

    Yamaha C3 — $2200 MSRP, 9 gallons of storage under the seat.
    Large flat sides to paint your company logo on.

    If you absolutely insist on a motorcycle, the Suzuki TU250.
    Will do freeway speeds. Old school design. $3800 MSRP.
    Lose the pillion seat and put your case there.

  7. rambo said :

    you can have a lot of choice from our company! trust me !


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