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Do car repair shops ever let you make payments on a major repair?

My car needs a new transmission for about $3000, I do not have this and wondered if I should even ask if they will take payments?

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10 Responses to “Do car repair shops ever let you make payments on a major repair?”

  1. Miss Anthrope said :

    Ask them.

  2. rajavw said :

    Yes they should! They may let you park your car their unitl it is paid off.

  3. Dr. Feelgood said :

    it is your only option….other than a credit card

  4. ken k said :

    nothing beats a try but a failure/ask the guy/credit card will do it if he calls it in and they will bend if you have paid on time/i have done that

  5. velcropap said :

    ask before you take it in. some will take payments.

  6. Kelly the Sexy said :

    I think so.

  7. mike d said :

    most shops do not do payments. some shops do have 3rd party financial company applications which provide credit for auto repairs. But most of the time no.. now some companies will hold the vehicle within reason until payment is complete then release your car until payment is completed… but mind you this is usually a month at best.

  8. Kenny said :

    Anytime I have allowed a customer to make payments on a car I have gotten burned. Once they have their car back, they have no incentive to pay me. At my shop and most others payment must be received in full prior to releasing the vehicle.

  9. oxx)TheRoman) said :

    usually helps if you have been going to the same place for a long time and have not had issues with paymet. Cant hurt to ask them. I know i was short $200 on a repair and since i had been going to them for years they let me drive off and pay the rest in one week. But it also helps to live in a small town 😉

  10. Derick Keidong said :

    Outstanding writing. I’ve bookmarked that without a doubt.


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