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When jumpstarting a car, does it depleat the other cars battery?

Only asking because my b/f has something wrong with his car battery, it often won’t start. He is working away and coming back at the weekends, and every Sunday he has to use jump leads to start his car on the drive, and again at the petrol station after turning the engine off to get petrol. He has a new beetle turbo, and I have a renault clio 1.2. He says it doesn’t do damage to my battery but I disagree, can any one clarify? Thanks.

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20 Responses to “When jumpstarting a car, does it depleat the other cars battery?”

  1. Petrocelli said :

    No – you should be OK.

  2. ernie.e said :

    It will flatten your battery,Tell him to get his car fixed.

  3. Marky said :

    Not really. It doesn’t use much power to start the car and what has been used will easily be replaced when it is driven for a few minutes.

  4. rockdakiss said :

    As long as your car is running, it does not drain your battery because your alternator is recharging your battery to keep it functioning. It will only drain your battery if you jump start it with your car off and not running.

  5. scott_mehlman said :

    Usually when you jump a car your engine will be running so the power is really coming from the alternator but even if you jump it with the engine off it will have minimal impact on your car unless your battery has a problem too.

  6. CRAIG S said :

    if your battery is healthy it wont do any harm however if your battery is on its way out it will shorten its life

  7. Ray said :

    It won’t hurt it. The only way it would drain it is if he was jumping his car, without your car running. And even that would take quite an idiotic effort.

    Don’t sweat it.

  8. Joe Joe S said :

    Tell your boyfriend to fix his car already.

  9. Boy Wonder said :

    No, it won’t deplete your car’s battery at all. Its no different to you driving at night with the headlights on and the heater chucking out warm air.

    As for your bf’s car, it is either:

    – his battery is knackered and needs replacing.
    – the alternator in his engine is knackered and is no longer charging the battery when he is driving.

    Take his car to Kwik Fit and they will do a free battery check.

  10. Brian H said :

    Jump starting his car with your will not effect your battery. When you are jump starting, his car uses energy from your battery. However, your energy is immediately replaced by your alternator.

  11. Mike S said :

    No but as soon as the car is jump started you should take of the leads to the car jumping the outher car or you might do damage to the cars altanaiter.

  12. wayfaroutthere said :

    I’ve heard that it can hurt your battery, but I think that is a myth.

    The only person who said that jumping a car hurts the battery who had any evidence at all wasn’t convincing–he just pointed out that campus police change their batteries after a year and a half (as opposed to two or two and a half years a battery is expected to last) and they think it is because they give so many jumpstarts.

    A battery for almost any car can be bought with intallation for under $100. Tell him to skip a few beers this week and buy a battery.

  13. Rich S said :

    Not if your car is running when he jump his.

    He should really get a new battery, maybe you could give him one early for Christmas

  14. Neil G said :

    it wont hurt your battery if your car is running when his car is jumped started —–as soon as his car starts disconnet the jumper cables but it would be a good idea if he bought a new battery

  15. plethebest said :

    It does no damage to the battery. When a car starts from the battery the power that runs the car is transferred to the alternator which then powers up your car. Any additional power created is then used to charge the battery.

  16. spamme4444 said :

    Tell him to get a new battery, he is just been lazy, stingy and stupid. By the way, if is a new car, most likely it should be under warranty. Tell him to take it to the dealer for a new battery.

    I would be upset if my girlfriend needs a jump all the time for some that stupid.

    And no, will not hurt your battery. If he had a bad alternator the car will die as soon you disconnect the cables. Now, he has a bad battery, the alternator is working double time to charge the battery and keep the power in the car. It will eventually destroy the alternator if he keeps it up and will have 2 problems. A battery and the alternator.

    Dumb!, Just plain DUMB !

  17. inkncraig said :

    No your battery will be ok. Its just annoying that he has to jump the vehicle.. The alternator is replacing any voltage that is taken from the car. He should though get his car fixed. A little tip; if your b/f has to leave his car for long periods of time tell him that he can disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. That will help preserve the voltage in the battery. Just the Negative. Electricity runs froms postive to negative.

  18. jason c said :

    If you jump start the car with the engine on the other car turned on, then there is no problem.

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