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Car service- whats the average mileage a car should travel in between services?

I got my car serviced on Monday. Its currently at just under 39,000km on the clock. The garage said I’ve to bring it back when it gets to 53,000km (32900 miles) or March 09. This gives it only a difference of 14k km (8700 miles). This does not seem like much to me. My car is 2006 Seat Leon.
Am I right or wrong to think this is a low number of km in between services?

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15 Responses to “Car service- whats the average mileage a car should travel in between services?”

  1. Superbun said :

    It is recommended you have a service every 10,000 miles or once a year whatever comes first

  2. Nexus6 said :

    I have my car serviced once a year regardless of mileage. At work our vehicles are serviced every 12,000 miles.

  3. ski chick said :

    Wow. In the USA they tell us every 3000 miles.

  4. Claire S said :

    My dad has a company car on hire and the garage tell him to take it back for a service after 10000 miles. I figured this wouldn’t be too low as the service is free with the contract!! He does do a lot of mileage though so it doesn’t take long to get up that far!

  5. Rowan said :

    It depends on the car(although that does seem a little low.) If you have an owners manual for the car it will tell you in there or contact seat. It’s usually a year or between 16 and 20,000miles, though like I say depends on the car. Maybe the mechanic wants to see you again soon-x

  6. ERIC S said :

    I would have thought that you are right. In my case I have a Nissan and its service is due every twelve months regardless of miles

  7. AngeG said :

    It probably cos something big replacing when the mileage reaches 53K, have a look at the car service schedule or call the garage to clarify

  8. jokerman said :

    could be correct – the usual is around 10000 miles but can vary between 9-12000. Check your service book for the type of engine in your vehicle

  9. KORY K said :

    usually in 3000 to 5000 miles for oil changes depending on what way you use the car such as heavy traffic maybe longer if you use synthetic oil. There should be a list in your owners manual of maintenance time.

  10. Huge said :

    Your car has a VW engine and most top of range VWs have a servicing system based on both mileage, type of use and calender time. I have a VW Passat and the last service was done some 18 months after the previous one with a mileage of about 12k miles but this car has a built-in computer that decides when servicing is due. Your garage has just based their servicing on calender period regardless of mileage, which in my mind is wrong. I suggest you read the service manual that came with your car and go by the mileage and advice that is stated there. However, be aware that you should take into account the type of use your car has so if you do lots of short journeys but low miles you actually create more wear than with one long journey of equivalent distance. So do not just assume the low mileage you do means you do not need a service.

  11. coistie said :

    seat leon 1.6 2005 service intervals are every 15000km so 1st service 15000km 2nd service 30000km and so on and so on. please also note that the timing belt on this model should be checked at 60000miles then checked every 20000miles after that, but to be safe I would change the belt at 60000miles. this may or may not be the same engine size as your vehicle but I hope this gives you a guide, (this information comes from Autodata, which is the preffered method of checking vehicle data in by multi franchised garages)

  12. Bardic said :

    Not necessarily, it depends tremendously on how the car is used. In the UK the standard is usually 10,000 miles/16,000km OR 12 months, whichever comes first. The garage is applying the 12month rule, which makes sense.

    Personally I do a “mini-service” of oil change, oil filter change & fuel filter change every 5,000 miles, additional to the scheduled services.

  13. Michael H said :

    It varies on the make.

    I have 3 cars, 2 mitsus and one AM, the intervals are 12K, 9K and 7K ( all miles ).

    Invariable though, they all get done once a year which is ahead of the mileage interval.

  14. Podge and Rodge said :

    We’ve driven 100,000 miles in the Massey Ferguson and it’s never been serviced. We even took it to Amsterdam once on the ferry. Those pesky cyclists in Amsterdam made sure they got out of the way when we drove down the street!

  15. ianhad said :

    Look in the service handbook.


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