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What is the best car for a beginner to convert to a rally car?

I want to know what is a good cheap car to convert to a rally car. A few I know of are toyota celicas, imprezas, lancers, ford focuses, and the vw gti.

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4 Responses to “What is the best car for a beginner to convert to a rally car?”

  1. Vipassana said :

    “imprezas, lancers, ford focuses, and the vw gti.”

    Cross all those off the list.

    You misunderstand the point of rally.


    People rally race ford fiestas, Honda CRXs, Tempos, things of that nature. And do VERY well in them.

    Why? They’re cheap, easy to work on, parts are plentiful, and they are ridiculously easy to handle.

    If you’re wanting to get into rally, there’s absolutely ZERO point in you getting anything expensive. You will wreck, you will wreck often. So get cheap, and learn what you’re doing.

    Chances are, you’ll never need to upgrade the car anyway.

  2. Jared said :

    for me personally i would either go with the gti or a mazda 3… then later on the lancer and if you have enough money then the evo… that thing is a monster… watch the top gear on the lancer evo

  3. Sophie B said :

    the best car would be something small and cheap… you will tear up a couple before you learn how to drive…

    most of rally racing is driver skills , not how fast the car will go..

  4. BMX Pro said :

    I think the impreza or the lancer. The impreza will be more reliable and safe. The Subaru rally team is pretty good.


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