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What is the most reliable car that is the least likely to get stolen?

I see Civic cropping up a lot on other’s questions, but I know it’s high on the theft list. I’ve been driving a Saturn SC3, but it’s burning oil and I need something reliable. And I’ve noticed that Kia’s are dissed but my brother owns a Spectra and he can just plow that little car through snow when my little Saturn always gets stuck. I am looking at options. I make $10 an hour, so the sky is not really the limit. I am looking for a car that makes good economical sense and will probably buy it used certified if and when either my other debts are paid off or my cars engine catches on fire and the insurance company writes me a check. I’m just tired of running to have my car worked on 3 times a year for whatever random thing happens to go wrong.

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7 Responses to “What is the most reliable car that is the least likely to get stolen?”

  1. 0976 said :

    Le car

    but you don’t want that

    get yourself a celica, or camaro

  2. Italian girl said :


  3. roxy said :

    A Kia. My husband is a car safety expert for all the auto companies and Kia makes really nice affordable cars. You also get more for your money with them.

  4. oklatom said :

    Sorry, but when you think about it, one does lead to the other. A reliable car, that people want = most stolen.

  5. beast said :

    A 1979 VW with a smashed fender.

  6. FRANCIS247 said :

    skoda, hyundai, proton,kia……. honda, nissan and toyota reliable

  7. Margeret Couvertier said :

    I was referred here by a friend and im sure glad i came over to visit. ill be sure to thank him later on the next time i see him. exactly how often do you update your blog?


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